Traditional Cuisine of Ağrı
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We have listed the meals to be tasted in Ağrı.

Abdigor Meatball

The most well-known taste of the province is Abdigor Meatball. This meatball resembles to stuffed meatball. It is the most delicious plate of the province. It is cooked by fat-free, sinewy-free beef, so few onions, an egg and spices. Fresh meat is beaten on the stone with a beetle until it looks like balm. Then the meat, onion and water are whipped by hands. Then the meatballs rested for an hour are put on the rice and it is served.

Gösteberg MeatIngredients:

Young ship or goat meat

ButterTomato SauceOnionMountain plant named as Gosteberg
After cutting and flaying the young ship or goat, the meats are separated and chopped. And they are mixed with butter and tomato sauce. Gosteberg plant is minced on it. And this mixture is put inside of the animal and the open areas are sewed. A moistured soil is spread on the flat area and a fire is set on this soil. After rested for a while, the the skin is opened and it is served.

HaşılCoarsely ground wheat is cooked as mixture while preparing Haşıl. Then its middle part is split like a pool and butter is put on it. Garlic yogurt is spread around it. Haşıl is not separated into plates and eaten on the same plate because of the butter pool at the middle.

HengelThe paste prepared with wheat flour is rested for a while, and it is opened as filo pastry and cut into square shapes. After boiling in hot water, it is filtered and put on a tray. And garlic yogurt or hengel sauce which is exclusive to our region is spread on it by being smashed by a material named kurut and butter which includes small onion pieces fried are put on it. It should be immediately before it gets cold.

NoodleIt is prepared with the homemade noodle and green lentils. Green lentis which has prepared earlier is boiled with noodle and filtered from the water. The potatoes are put on the base of the oiled saucepan and the mixture with green lentils are put on it. Hot oil is spread on it and it is cooked until the potatoes get a red color. This meal which is served after turned upside down might be made with lahvash instead of potatoes.

KuymakCream is put on a fry-pan and heated. As much as corn flour and wheat flour is put and mixed constantly. Some water is added and mixed. When the oil of the cream becomes visible, it is ready to be eaten.

Pişi (Bişi) ErdekAccording to the will, it can be fermented with milk or water. And rested for a while, it is mixed until it gets the shape of bread with hands and it is cooked until it is fried by being put into hot oil.

HasudeIt is dessert. Sherbet is prepared first. Very few flour is put into the sherbet and it is stirred.. Oil is heated on the fry-pan and sherbet and flour mixture is put on the pan and mixed. After cooking on the fire for 5-10 minutes, it gets ready to be eaten.

AyranaşıIt is prepated by boiling the wheat in the water, adding ayran, mint and cabbage in it and boiling the mixture.

Ciriş KetesiPastry prepared by the wheat flour is rested for a while and opened as filo pastry and a plant named Ciriş is put into it and it is cooked on iron plate. After rested for a while, butter is put into it and then it is served.

HaliseThe wheat and rabbit meat is boiled within tandouri containers for hours without adding any salt. And when it is ready, salt and oil is added to the meal.

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