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During the entrance of the tribes coming from Middle East to Anatolia, Ağrı undertook the position of a transition, so it was a stage for various civilizations. However those civilizations considered Ağrı as an entrance door, so they couldn’t create a deeply-rooted civilizations here. The first deeply-rooted civilization in the province throughout the history is Urartians. The first Turkish community settled in Eastern Anatolia is Sacaen people who had arrived to region in B.C 680. They settled around Murat River and Doğubayazıt in a short time. And then Arsak Kingdom prevailed in Ağrı. The region was conquered by Islam military during the period of Prophet Osman. Ağrı was gained to the Ottoman lands following the Caldiran War by Sultan Selim the Stern. The name of the province called as Şorbulak during Ottoman period was replaced by Karakilise in the period of Armenians. And Karakilise was replaced by Karaköse when Kazım Karabekir lived. Since it is considered that the Ararat Mountain and Ararat country which has been related to the biblical flood and mentioned in Torah was around Ağrı, Ağrı is called as Ararat by Western people. It was accepted as sub-district in 1834 , as district in 1869 and as province in 1927. 5. it is called as Ağrı.

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