Our Quality Policy
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As Serhat Development Agency, in our all supports and other activities which we will realize in accordance with the purposes specified in our Foundation Law;

Pioneering a multilateral, participatory and sustainable development process which prioritizes the socio-cultural and environmental characteristic of the region and where the entrepreneurship and inter-corporate cooperations are encouraged,

Following the regional, national and international social, economical and technological developments closely and ensuring the region benefits from these developments at the highest level,

Providing the experience and knowledge which we have obtained from our activities to the service of the entrepreneurs who are willing to make investments in the region,

Maintaining the values such as corporate dignity, reliability and transparency by attaching importance to the ethical principles,

Ensuring all staffs work with an elaboration with which they can use their potential in the highest level by creating an efficient and peaceful working environment,

Organizing the training activities of the employees and supporting their personal developments to increase their knowledge and experience,

are the integral parts of our Quality Policy.

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